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Renting Our Historic Clubhouse

The Arcadia Woman's Club is a charming venue that boasts historical architecture and lovely garden setting, offering a unique old-world charm. This versatile space has hosted a variety of events, from weddings and recitals to business meetings and club events. With spacious rooms available, it provides the perfect venue for events of all sizes. The Club's affordability and popularity make it a top choice in the community. Tables and chairs are available on-site, which ensures convenience and saves you from the hassle of renting furniture. Plenty of street parking is available, making it easy for guests to arrive and depart. With its beautiful setting and versatile space, the Arcadia Woman's Club is a great choice for any event.

Weddings, showers, graduations, recitals, boutiques, health fairs, Mitzvahs, anniversary parties, quinceaneras, retirement parties, support groups, memorials, dance classes, garden parties, educational gatherings, speaker series, board meetings and much more. 

Our Clubhouse is All For You

Upon renting our historic home, you and your guests will have the privilege of full access to ALL areas of the property. This includes the large grand ballroom, commercial kitchen, spacious meeting room, and the lovely outdoor garden area. You will have exclusive use of the entire clubhouse, ensuring complete privacy for you and your guests. You will not have to share your special event with anyone other than your invitees, providing an intimate and personalized experience for everyone. We take pride in our historic home and are excited to share it with you and will work to ensure your event is seamless and unforgettable.

Our beautiful Arcadia Woman's Club courtyard

Our Clubhouse

Large Grand Ballroom

The grand ballroom is a remarkable space, impressively equipped with a stage, a large seating area, and LED strip lights that add to the grandeur of the room. The wooden floors give it a classic touch, and the French doors that lead to the terrace and garden offer an exceptional view. Heavy curtains add a touch of elegance to the room, while the direct kitchen access makes it easy to serve food and drinks. The ballroom holds large tables and can accommodate up to 150 people seated, making it the ideal venue for hosting grand events and occasions. This space also features a green room, that can be used for a bride’s room, and its own bathroom.

Spacious Gathering Room

The spacious room has beautiful vintage decor, with warm beige walls. Plush seating options including several sofas and armchairs with vintage patterns and fabrics surround a large coffee table. The high ceilings and large windows allow for natural light to filter in, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. This space also has two wheelchair accessible bathrooms. The space to be used for multiple types of functions and events. While no food or drink is allowed in this space, your guests may enjoy beverages and food in the grand ballroom and outside area.

Commercial Kitchen

The large commercial kitchen is a well-equipped space designed to cater to many guests. It allows for plenty of serving and cooking staff to work efficiently, ensuring that food is prepared and served on time. The kitchen

is equipped with modern appliances, including a refrigerator, oven, ice machine, and stove. The kitchen has ample counter space and storage and has direct access to the grand ballroom, making it easy to transport food and drinks and ensuring that guests are served quickly and efficiently. Kitchen can be used for cooking or warming pre-made food for your guests, with a direct access window to the grand ballroom.

Outdoor Garden Space

The lovely, enclosed garden is a peaceful and tranquil space, with a main walking path that leads to the terrace and main ballroom. The garden is adorned with beautiful, shaded trees, adding to its charm and natural beauty. It is the perfect setting for garden weddings and memorials,

picnics, and outdoor celebrations. The garden provides a serene and intimate atmosphere, creating a beautiful backdrop for any occasion.

The lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and peaceful surroundings make it the ideal space for guests to relax while also enjoying the outdoors.

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