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About Us

The Arcadia Woman's Club is a historic and valued asset of the community, dating

back to 1914. The Club's beautiful Clubhouse, designated as City of Arcadia

Historic Landmark No. 1 in 2022, is conveniently located in the heart of Arcadia

and surrounded by lush greenery. The Club's Spanish mission-style architecture

recalls Arcadia's earliest roots and offers spacious accommodations for various celebrations and events throughout the year.

Apart from being an event space, the Woman's Club of Arcadia provides a platform for women to meet, form friendships, and work on projects designed to benefit the community. Members are justifiably proud of the work they have done in the past, including fundraising for disaster relief, tree-planting, creating campaigns to end illiteracy, and collecting food and clothing for those in need.

The Arcadia Woman's Club is part of two larger organizations, the California Federation of Women's Clubs and the General Federation of Women's Clubs and works with them to improve communities around the world through volunteer service. The Club is an organization that believes in and supports the efforts of women to make the world a better place through service, self-empowerment, and education, making it a fantastic organization to join.

Arcadia Woman's Club logo

Meet our 2023-2024 Officers

President: Cheryl Alberg
1st VP – Dean: Louise Huff                
2nd VP – Co-Membership: Rose Kelso & Rinda Wohlwend 
3rd VP – Ways & Means: Margareth Weakley  
Recording Secretary: Karen Johnston
Corresponding Secretary: Marilyn Daleo
Treasurer: Dawn Baldock
Financial Advisor: Dianne Chapman
Senior Trustee: Linda Mokler
Junior Trustee: Carol Anne Donahey
At Large: Joanna Liang

A strong woman is a woman determined to do something others are determined not be done.”- Marge Piercy

Our Mission

Our Mission

We are a group of professional women, business owners, retirees, artists, and homemakers who want to give their time and talents to support and improve their community. When you become a member of the Arcadia Woman’s Club, you’ll have opportunities to make new friends and form lifelong friendships, pursue creative and intellectual challenges, and experience the satisfaction of helping others.

Arcadia Woman's Club plaque

Our Vision

To be a thriving organization that empowers women to make positive contributions to the community through volunteer service, self-empowerment, and education. We strive to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for women from diverse backgrounds to come together, form friendships, and work towards a common goal of improving the world around us. Through our various civic, social, and philanthropic activities, we aim to make a lasting impact on the community, leaving a legacy of service and support for generations to come.

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